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How Transformational Life & Wellness Coaching Can Work For You

I'm so happy you're here! The past few years I've been hard at work developing my 12 step system for healing, nurturing and reclaiming your inner radiance, power and confidence through nutrition, lifestyle and whole-body coaching. I'm happy to announce that in addition to being a certified nutrition coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I also now hold a professional life coaching certification through the Leadership That Works program, Coaching for Transformation. My coaching is a special blend of my background in dance, yoga and meditation, as well as nutrition and relationship coaching. I specialize in working with people in the midst of major life transitions find more ease, harmony and clarity on the journey.

Who are you becoming? This is one of the essential questions that I hold for you as your coach. I have an integrative and holistic approach to achieving wellness and personal growth which means I believe all of the parts of our lives are interconnected and we are all whole, despite our flaws, mistakes and shortcomings. My job is not to fix or give advice.... My goal is to help you get realigned with your authentic self and back in your personal power so that you can take leadership of your life and make choices that move your forward that are fully aligned with who you are at your core. What are your deepest yearnings? What makes you really come alive? These are some of the empowering and powerful questions we explore together as we uncover your heart's deepest longings and the path to you becoming the fullest, most powerful and authentic you. If you are currently going through a life change or transition, or have been stuck and feeling lost about your next step, coaching can help you gain more clarity, focus and regain momentum and purpose.

Are you out of alignment?

  • Do you often feel as if you are living life numbed out, or just going through the motions?
  • Have you been stuck in an uncomfortable in-between place in your career, relationship or other area of your life for far too long but too afraid or unsure how to explore other options or possibilities?
  • Do you often have the lingering feeling that you want "more" but not quite sure what that would be or how to get there?
  • Do you use sugary food and caffeine to try to counterbalance your feelings of low-energy only to find they leave you even more depleted?
  • Do you make changes but then can't stick to any of your goals or keep getting stuck?
  • Do you want to take your life, relationship or career to the next level but always feel like you are battling an underlying critical voice that keeps telling you you're not good enough or that you can't have what you want?
  • Do you feel like you are chronically not getting your needs met in relationship with others and not even sure how to ask for what you really need?
  • My Re-Aligned from the INSIDE / OUT Program is my break-through 12 step program that focuses on healing, nurturing and reclaiming your inner radiance, power and confidence through nutrition, lifestyle and whole-body transformational coaching

    In addition to three 45 minute sessions each month, I offer ongoing, unlimited support by email between sessions, and you will be held accountable for doing your part...we will have weekly email check-ins to make sure you are staying motivated and on track with your goals.

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    I Realigned from the INSIDE / OUT Program:

    About Me

    portrait.jpg Stephanie Lazzara
    Transformational Life Coach
    (917) 975-9256
    Contact Me

    I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a professional life coach certified through the International Coaching Federation and the coaching program Coaching for Transformation.

    My coaching practice combines my ten plus years as a professional coach as well as my expertise and background in dance, movement and yoga.

    My coaching addresses the whole person and aims to go deep, where true transformation happens.

    I currently live and work in Brooklyn, NY.


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