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Decisions, Decisions

Are too many decisions to make leaving you feeling divided? Are you confused by your ever changing internal compass and not sure which way to go?

During times of stress and uncertainty our body can go into fight or flight mode when fear of the unknown kicks in-especially when up against making life-altering decisions: some big ones include moving, changing jobs, changes in relationships or relationship structures, etc. 

When feeling overwhelmed, we can also go into frozen-mode, where we're so unsure of what move to make we make no move at all. 

How do we get out of this in between place and listen to the voice that tells us what we really need to do?

One big marker is listening to your body's reaction and tuning into your emotional energy levels around a decision. If you start to move in a certain direction but you are constantly and overwhelmingly exhausted, or unusually stressed and feeling unhealthy as a result, you may be moving too fast, or it may be that you are not doing what is right for you at the moment. If you are stuck between two places, paying attention to which decision gives you more energy and is flowing without effort can give you the information you need to tell you what you need to do.

Change is difficult and can be scary. If you are feeling fearful, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are on the wrong path, in fact it may signal that you are growing.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, take this as a signal to slow down and give yourself some time and space. 

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