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Growing, growing, growing

The lushness of spring bursts open into green, feel the sun on your skin and take in the deep smell of earth after the rain...

How open are your senses? How open is your heart? Are you in a worried state of constantly waiting or stuck in paralyzing ambivalence? How kind is your internal dialog?

This is a time for massive growth, healing and renewal.

Maybe you've had some incredibly challenging life experiences or situations in your past.

Maybe you are going through something spiritually or emotionally painful or challenging so that you can't seem to move forward in your life at all.

Do you feel closed off in your body? where do you feel this pain?

I look at all challenging situations and experiences as an opportunity for healing and growth vs. a time to stay stuck or beat yourself up. Your health depends on it.

I know how this feels-being so stuck in painful relationship patterns, holding onto old grief and hurt, or remaining in any place you are no longer growing (career, relationship, home environment, friendships, etc.) until you are a shell of yourself-left  feeling deadened and depressed, lethargic, eating poorly, perhaps struggling with weight gain every year, or chronic illness, telling yourself you will make changes that you are never able to accomplish on your own.

then BAM!
perhaps you are struck by an emotional and spiritual crisis that forces you to face yourself. To look inward and then take action.

If you are here reading, I congratulate you. You are almost there! It takes real courage to look at the places you are stuck and make actual changes and massive transformation. It's scary!

For most of us, change also brings with it feelings of loss. Even if it is loss of something we are ready to part with (old belief about ourselves, outgrown relationship or dead-end career) it doesn't make the loss any easier. Often, it triggers old wounds and fears and that's where we become so paralyzed we don't move at all...
If you are suffering right now, I ask you
how long are you willing to remain in this amount of pain?  How long can you afford to let your life stay in one place without wreaking havoc on your personal life, career, family and health?

If you feel that tug, that internal pull and knowing that transformation is ready to burst from within: LISTEN.
your life depends on it!

Have you ever felt like the character in a book? That life is happening to you instead of you being the one living your life?
Often change happens when an event occurs acting as an outside catalyst sweeping massive change. Wouldn't you like to be the one acting as the internal catalyst in your own life?
Making choices for YOU. So your life is not a series of experiences HAPPENING to you, you are an active participant in your life.

There are always challenges that present or unforeseen accidents or situations but when you have the right tools, you can tackle life from a place of empowerment instead of working from a place of being a "victim" of life.
I gently encourage you to listen and develop your intuition.

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