E, Brooklyn, NY

Stephanie is a treasure chest full of gems and jewels. She asks me questions that move my life forward in significant ways. She cheers me on when I have breakthroughs and victories. She challenges me in places where I'm stuck or have settled for limitations. Stephanie is the kind of person you want to have in your corner when you are ready to make big shifts and summon big magic into your life.

Heather, Seattle, WA

Stephanie helped me through a huge transition as I went from one relationship into another. At the time I was fraught with such conflicting feelings about everything. She helped me focus on my path. She reminded me of my strengths and pushed me to find new solutions when I felt stuck. I am so grateful to her for her energy and her intuition. Stephanie is excellent at helping me find new ways to look at things. When I feel stuck on an idea or am weighing myself down with self-doubt, she is great at reminding me of my strengths and guiding me through, or out, of the negative thoughts. Stephanie has an uncanny ability to pick up on my energy so quickly. She hears subtle changes in my voice and my breath and asks me all of the hard questions I want to be asked. After each session with her I feel rejuvenated and motivated, ready to tackle or fly with my day.

Josh, Brooklyn, NY

Steph sees me as whole and sees the whole picture. I came to her in a time of great agitation and change in my life. She patiently led me to what was obvious to her and what I had hidden from myself. I was on the verge of one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life and she was the first one to see it. Her intuition and guidance helped steer me through my transition and helped me come to terms with the deepest fears of my life.

Kristina, Brooklyn, NY

I have been slammed with an over active family life and career for over a decade. When I run too fast, I find it hard to reflect and find the answers to my hard personal growth questions. Stephanie helps me do this. She can expose contradictions, energize you, and hold you accountable. This is not career counseling and it's not therapy, it's an engaging whole person exploration geared at driving you to a better you. Stephanie is inspirational and the service she provides is indeed transformational.

Karen, A Child Grows In Brooklyn

"I met with Stephanie in a cafe. We had a good exchange of information for my consultation based on a questionnaire I filled out beforehand. She addressed questions I had about nutrition during pregnancy: specifically how to deal with my sugar cravings and low energy. Her suggestions of adding more sweet veggies, fruit, whole grains and smaller meals were on target. I needed to balance my sugar levels. And she was right, eating more fruit and having healthy snacks did make a difference."

Sally, Brooklyn, NY

My time with Stephanie helped shape me as a young adult. In a time that I was stressed out about my degree, career, relationships and diet her guidance helped my choices that affected my overall well being. To this day I can recognize and organize my lifestyle in times of stress, or general busyness, and now am able to resolve them in a meditative manner. As opposed to channeling my frustrations of my surroundings through food and quick fixes... I now take what I've learned from her coaching and grown on it more each day.

Sydra, Brooklyn, NY

I started seeing Stephanie shortly before I got pregnant. She continued to counsel me through my first two trimesters. She was never judgmental, always informative. She catered her sessions to my needs and by the end of our time together I was cooking at home and shopping far more often than before. She helped me organize and plan in such a way that ensures I have a stocked fridge and more time with my family. She also helped me choose foods that put me in a better mood than before. I'm even exercising! I predict that I'll be calling her again once I start breastfeeding.

About Me

portrait.jpg Stephanie Lazzara
Transformational Life Coach
(917) 975-9256
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I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a professional life coach certified through the International Coaching Federation and the coaching program Coaching for Transformation.

My coaching practice combines my ten plus years as a professional coach as well as my expertise and background in dance, movement and yoga.

My coaching addresses the whole person and aims to go deep, where true transformation happens.

I currently live and work in Brooklyn, NY.


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